Clever Minds Cannot Spare Our Lives

EP: Clever Minds Cannot Spare Our Lives

Release date: August 23, 2019

1) Nothing to Say

2) Mermaid

3) Beautiful Worries

4) Somehow

Rebecca Cecilia Kousgaard: cellos, backing vocals

Mikkel Mouritsen: drums, percussion

Anders Tuxen: acoustic guitar [Mermaid]

Oliver Tue: acoustic guitar [Somehow]

Mads Morville: acoustic guitar [Beautiful Worries]

Christian Haystack Rasmussen: electric guitar [Beautiful Worries]

Peter Skriver: double bass [Nothing to Say]

Lukas Kaarby: bass

Anna Skriver: saxophone

Joachim Skriver: backing vocal [Nothing to Say, Mermaid]

David Elberling: tambourine [Beautiful Worries], acoustic guitar [Somehow]

Produced by David Elberling, Amalie Skriver, Rytmisk Center

Mixed by David Elberling, Lucas B. Olsen, Oliver Tue Lundquist Møller

Mastering by Henrik Nilsson, Oliver Tue Lundquist Møller

Label: WriterRecords

Photography by Karoline Hoffmann-Hansen