Judicial Jerk


Hey daylight

You uplighter with an inspiring attitude,

You attract people, you attract me,

We come, but one is not at all like you...

Hello twilight

Your “image is still alive”,

I wonder

What is life, if only you’re speaking to “the particular type”?

All secret rules and limits,

In fact you kinda use those “proper people” as selfish credit

Who would ever want to be like Twilight?

//:So, I suggest you just

never judge that much:// x4

Your eyes observing, trained in informing the “brainoffice”,

You cast reflections as an indirect notice,

Have you ever heard of insecurity?

You’re like a prisoner, I pity you.

I pity that “sir”.

Do you define yourself as a

grown-up, as responsible and mature?

Who wouldn’t prefer the spirit of daylight?

//:Still I suggest you just

never judge that much:// x4

You’re such a jerk, what a jerk, the result is jerk,

“Your satisfactory image” aka jerk, aka jerk, aka jerk…

It is you who make me…

You make me ju…

You make me ju-ju...

You make me… ju-judge.