I prefer sitting in that kitchen with my cup of tea,

Even though I might miss the sweet taste of sugar,

I don’t want to be stuck in this stubborn continuing life,

I don’t care about all the sugar in our kitchen drawer.

I prefer cleaning and dreaming early in the morning,

Even though I don’t stand leaving my bed,

I fight against this wakeful continuing life,

Next step; use the energy for waking up.

I prefer kisses in the backyard – bathed in moonlight,

Even though I risk getting hurt like this,

I wanna break up with this unromantic continuing life,

I recall this we had.

//:How do I reach heaven again?://

I prefer Friday nights on fields with friends of mine,

Even though new sort of parties yell: “clear conscience for fitting in”,

I doubt I’m gonna hold on to this mainstream continuing life,

Feels like being fired on being in charge.

I prefer joking, laughing, smiling – surrounded by love,

Even though there’s no room, no time left for today,

Soon I will be starving by imagining my own future life…

//:How do I reach heaven again?:// (x4)